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When will my order be shipped?

Once your order has been processed and you have received an order confirmation. Please allow 24 - 48hrs for your order to be processed.

If there are no issues with payment & address, your order will be shipped out within 24hrs.

All orders are shipped with a tracking number.

Do you guys accept returns?

Unfortunately to follow all protocols, regulations, and remain in compliance we are not allowed to accept any returns due to the items we sell.

If an item arrived damage, please provide a picture of the damaged packaging and the item itself. We will gladly help issue you a replacement or refund.

Please send us an email at support@exoticers.com if you have any issues with your order.

Where are these products sourced from?

All products are sourced from either manufacture or authorized distributors.

We work very closely with our origin distributors to make sure all products are suitable and passes USA FDA regulations before importing.

Products Expired?

No, we have a quality control team at our warehouse to ensure that our inventory is separated by date into batches and properly rotated.

Many of our products are imported, therefore, expiration dates are formatted differently than what you may normally see in your home country. This can cause confusion and frustration with some customers who are under the impression that we sent them expired product. Here are the common formats for expiration dates. Please feel free to contact us at Support@Exoticers.com to clarify if you suspect your product is expired.





(Chinese products do not have expiration dates. Instead they have production dates marked on the product and the factory provides the corresponding expected shelf life for those products.)

Can I cancel my order?

Email Support@Exoticers.com with cancellation request and subject it with your order number. We will do our best to process the cancellation and issue you a full refund ASAP.

NOTE: We cannot cancel your order if it has already been shipped out.